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Your child’s safety is of the highest concern to us.  We make all decisions with safety in mind.  All of our staff and volunteers are put through a complete training and screening process, including a nationwide background check.  We also use name badges and pick-up tags for children in every classroom. We are here to protect and serve them each week.


Bible Truth

The kids team is dedicated to providing age-appropriate, Bible-based lessons for each child who is in our care.  These lessons begin at the earliest age to form a foundation that will not easily be shaken.  We consider all of our classes to be ministry opportunities.


Partnership With Parents

We believe that the best ministry is provided when our kids team works together with parents.  This gives parents the ability to reinforce the lessons that are taught and to supply valuable insight into our Worship Experiences.



Weekly lessons are taught in a modern, exciting manner.  Children don’t just sit and observe, but they are part of the process through games, contests, and a hands on teaching approach.


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