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I trust this finds you in the middle of a great week.  I hope you’ve been enjoying the series “Live, Move, Be.”  I believe this series is identifying who we are called to be as Christ-followers and as a church.  We are seeing momentum build as we unify and come together with one passion, one heart, and one focus.  We are also seeing this momentum in attendance, and in every aspect at all four of our campus locations.  

Momentum is an interesting thing. The definition of momentum is, “The impetus gained by a moving object.”  The word impetus means, “The force or energy with which a body moves.”  Therefore, momentum is a force or energy that is produced in which the body or object moves forward.  Wow!  That is a powerful thought.  For us, the church, this force or energy is the Holy Spirit working in our midst.  We unite for one purpose, with one spirit, and get out of God’s way and allow Him to lead and guide us. In doing so, we create a movement that propels us forward to accomplish His work for His kingdom.  This thought and direction is embodied in our foundational verse for this series, Acts 17:28, which reads, "In Him we live, and move, and have our being!”

This is just the beginning of what God is going to do in, and through, this amazing church.  Don’t just come to church this Sunday — bring someone with you.  Remember our challenge from this past week to “Move beyond ourselves” in our everyday lives, as fathers, mothers, children, grandparents, employees, employers, friends, and even to complete strangers that we come across!

Two video links I want to share with you:


If you missed Sunday’s message, I encourage you to go back and watch it by clicking on this link.



I came across a great teaching on Right Now Media by Andy Stanley that goes along with the series we are in.  You can watch it by clicking here.

It is such an honor and thrill to serve God through this remarkable church.  I am so honored that you call this your church home and invest your time, talents, and treasures here!

“We will pray BIG prayers to a BIG God and expect BIG results.”


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