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Well, I bet you are reading this post because of the title, aren’t you?  If you were here this past Sunday you heard me talk about this, but I thought it was worthy of discussing a little more in detail.  So let’s talk about this strong statement that raised your eyebrows.  "God is not incredible!"  Now before you write me off and stop reading, let me explain.  This word — incredible —  that we use everyday, actually has a far different meaning than the context in which we use it.  Honestly, this has always been a highly used word in my vocabulary; I am guilty of using it often!  But a few weeks ago, a person in our congregation challenged me to study this word in greater detail.  And since I love word studies, I did just that.

According to the Webster Dictionary of 1828, the word incredible actually means, "not to be credited; too extraordinary and improbable to admit of belief.”  If you went into a bank to get a loan and they denied you the loan, what they were basically saying is that you are “incredible.”  You are not worthy of receiving credit.  Or another way of saying this would be that they do not trust you enough to loan you the money. Wow!  This shed a completely new light on the use of this word for me.  The fact is, God is not incredible. God is CREDIBLE!  He is worthy of our trust, He is worthy of our praise, and He is worthy to receive all of our honor and glory.

You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.
— Revelation 4:11

  We do not serve an incredible God.  We do however serve a CREDIBLE God!  

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God has given me a strong word for Part 2 of "Be Transformed”
in our series, LIVE, MOVE, BE.

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As always, it is an honor to serve God alongside you. I cannot wait to see all the CREDIBLE things God has in store for this amazing church!