EQUIP - Taking one step closer to Christ

Jon Chasteen

September 20, 2017

I hope you have been able to attend church recently and be a part of this interesting and exciting season we have been in. God is really up to something at Victory Church and, if you have been with us, I think you know what I am talking about.  

I wanted to write you this week to remind you of our upcoming EQUIP classes. I know life can get busy and the thought of adding something else to the mix can seem impossible. Let me encourage you to make EQUIP a priority.  

We can focus our time and energy on many things in life, but few things will bring an eternal return on our investment of time.  Proverbs 18:15 reads, “The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.” At Victory Church, we take equipping the body of Christ seriously. We believe it is the church's mandate to equip the people for works of service (Ephesians 4:11). It is our honor to offer life-changing, challenging, and fun courses to allow you to take one step closer to Christ.

Classes are only five weeks long, free of charge, and are offered during convenient times for your busy schedule. At our OKC Campus, you can attend both an EQUIP class and church on Sunday morning. At our Edmond Campus, classes meet on Wednesday nights.

Please take a minute to go to our EQUIP website and sign up today! There you will see the upcoming classes and teachers for the Fall, Winter, and Spring Semesters.

Do not wait -- sign up today and take “one step closer to Christ.” This is one commitment you will not regret making!!


Taking one step closer to Christ

We will see you on Sunday!

Jon Chasteen

Lead Pastor


Oklahoma City