Easter Weekend

Jon Chasteen

April 13, 2017

Easter is almost here. This weekend, thousands of people will enter the doors of Victory Church at our various campuses. For many of those people, it is our one shot to show them Christ’s love and the presence of the Holy Spirit. We are excited and anticipatory of the life-changes that will happen this weekend. I want to remind you to CARRY THE ONE. Who is the one person God would put on your heart to play a vital role in making sure they experience Christ? Just like the men who carried the paralyzed man to the feet of Jesus, we are to consider those around us and get them to where life-change can happen for them, even if it involves ripping off a roof to make it happen. What barriers are in your way? Perhaps it's embarrassment, perhaps it's intimidation, perhaps it's even pride. I challenge you to “move beyond yourself” and make this Easter about those around you.  We’d like to help you with your invitation. Below is a link to a powerful video. You can simply copy and paste this video link onto your social media platforms or send it directly to a friend or co-worker.  I am praying for your ONE. The Bible says that when Jesus saw “their” faith, He moved into action. The men who carried the paralyzed man had extreme faith that He could heal their friend. What does your faith look like? Let’s pray and believe that our ONE will be changed and forever touched this weekend.


Easter Weekend: Experiences 

Easter Weekend: Family Block Parties

I cannot wait to see you there.

Jon Chasteen

Lead Pastor

Oklahoma City




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