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You’re full of it! I got your attention didn’t I? No, I’m not angry at you and giving you a piece of my mind. I am letting you know that you are full of the Spirit of God. God’s desire is that we will live a life, “full of it.” John 10:10 tells us that Jesus came so that we could have life to the FULL. Remember this statement today as you go through your week. You were formed, to be filled, to find fulfillment. 

Maybe you’re reading this email today and you're struggling to find your fulfillment or purpose in life. I encourage you to continue to seek the filling of whatever God is calling you to distribute. What do I mean by that? God has formed you with a purpose and He will fill you with the contents of whatever you need to find fulfillment. Remember, fulfillment is not a title on a business card or an amount of money in a bank account. True fulfillment comes as we become the vessel that continually pours out what God is giving us. As God gives us joy, we distribute joy. As God gives us resources, we distribute resources. As God gives us wisdom, peace, and wealth, we simply become a vessel for it to pass through us to others. This is fulfillment. The potter did not shape and form the pot to simply hold the contents, but to distribute them to thirsty people around them. God has shaped you in a specific way to hold a specific gift, anointing, and talent. However, He does not shape us to hold the contents, but to distribute them. I am praying for you this week that God would fill you up to overflowing, and you will discover a life to the full (John 10:10)!

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What an absolutely incredible weekend! At all of our campuses combined we saw 35 people come to know Christ. This takes our year-to-date salvation number to 528. We measure many different numbers as a staff at Victory Church, but this is by far the most important thing we can measure. Over the past two weekends we have also baptized 44 people.


This weekend we start our new series, “No Filter.”
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This will be a challenging and encouraging series as we take a look at the power of our perspective. How do you see yourself, how do you see others, and how do you see God? Do not just come alone; invite someone you know to come. Let’s continue to equip people to LIVE MOVE and BE in the fullness of Christ. 

It is an honor to serve alongside you.