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I pray you’re doing well. This weekend is going to be a HUGE weekend. First, I cannot wait to share with you the results from the Heart for the House offering, which I will do this coming Sunday. I also want to remind you of our exciting new series starting this weekend called, “Christmas at the Movies.”  We are combining three of our favorite things: Church, Christmas, and movies! This is a series where we pull godly principles out of Christmas movies and talk about them. No, we do not find our theology in movies; we find it in God’s Word. However, God's principles are all around us, on a daily basis, if we will look for them.

This is a PERFECT series to invite someone to church. We will have free popcorn, free water, and candy available to purchase. And yes, you can munch on it during the entire Experience. You will not want to miss a single week of this series. Because of copyright laws, we will not be able to podcast any of this series all month long, so do not miss a single week!  

Get your friends, grab your Bible, and I will see you "At the Movies" this Sunday

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