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I pray this message finds you well today. I wanted to follow up on the message I spoke last weekend, November 6th. If you missed it, I highly encourage you to go back and watch, or listen to, the message. In it, I announced our upcoming Heart for the House offering that will take place on November 20th. 

This year’s offering will go toward the following projects:

1. City Center - 50% of every dime that comes in will go directly to giving birth to the City Center. If you have not heard about this great outreach organization that we will be giving birth to, please watch the video below for a detailed look at what City Center is.


2. Transportation vans - Our fleet of buses are in desperate need of replacing. It’s not about the wheels—it’s about the people who will be transported on those wheels coming to experience God’s presence in a real way!

3. Flooring remodel - We need to complete our flooring remodel in our kids' spaces at both the Edmond and OKC campuses. We are attracting many new young families with children. Our children's facilities must have excellence.  

4. Shuttles and technology - As funding provides, we also need to update some technology at both campuses, as well as purchase new shuttles for the parking lot.

This year our goal is $400,000. I pray that you seek God and ask how He would have you partner with us in these great projects.  

Remember the filters we use when we are asked to give financially to any organization or cause:

1. Give to cause before causation
We always believe in the cause first. If we do not believe in the establishment, or the leadership, we do not give.

2. Give to opportunity, not obligation
You should never feel obligated to give. We see giving as an opportunity to "handle it”; to use our resources for the glory of God. We don’t have to give, we get to give.

3. Give by proportion, not a portion
God is not as concerned about the height of our offering. He is looking at the heart of our offering. We give proportionally to what God has blessed us with.

4. Give on your knees, not on the spot
You should never be expected to give to an organization on the spot. As with everything else, we pray and seek God and ask Him what we should give. 

I ask you to take the Heart for the House offering through those filters in your own life and pray about what God would have you give on November 20th. Thank you for being a part of this amazing church. Thank you for having a HEART FOR THIS HOUSE. 

It is an honor to serve alongside you.


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