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I do not send this type of message very often. You know the message I’m talking about. The one where the pastor tells you to be sure and not miss church this weekend because it is going to be the “BEST WEEKEND EVER!" In some ways the church has deluded the weekly worship experience down to nothing more than another entertainment event that we squeeze into our already overly stimulated week. But I didn’t come to talk to you about that. I came to urge you to not miss church this weekend! Not because we have talking monkeys, pyrotechnics, or shiny things to catch your eye, but because we have a massive announcement; an announcement that will require a tremendous step of faith for us as a church.  

We are calling this, ONE BIG SUNDAY. I urge you to invite your neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends. This will be an announcement that will inspire even your non-Christian friends, and show them the true meaning of being a Christ-follower! I can promise you that this will be a day that will make you proud to be a Christ-follower and proud to call Victory Church your church!  

So take a step. Move beyond your comfort zone and invite someone to church this week!  

In His Grip,