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I pray this finds you right in the middle of "finding your flow”! If that statement does not make sense to you, I encourage you to go back and watch the sermon from this past Sunday. For the past 3 weeks we have been in our Holy Spirit series. We have been studying 3 powerful aspects of the Holy Spirit: the person, the purpose, and the power. If you missed any of these messages, I encourage you to go back and watch or listen to them.


I want to share a quick story with you. On Sunday, October 18 at the 12:30 Experience, I had just finished preaching Week 2 of our Holy Spirit series and was returning to my seat. The band had gone back into singing “Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here,” and I hadn’t even truly begun worshipping again when I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit softly speak to me. (I feel God directing me and moving me every single day, but to be honest, it is less frequent that I distinctly hear that gentle whisper like Elijah heard in 1 Kings 19.) As I was singing, out of nowhere, I sensed the Holy Spirit gently whisper to me, “I feel welcome here.” I immediately began to weep (big surprise huh? Ha!). 

The reason is because, in that moment, I could relate with Moses in Exodus 33 when God told him to go to the promise land but He said, "I am not going to go with you." Moses cried out, "If you do not go with us, then do not send us!” When God replied He would go with them, the next words out of Moses' mouth were, “Now show me Your glory.” In essence Moses was saying, “Now show me what You've got!” or, “Come and weigh in on our situation.” When I felt the voice of God say, “I feel welcome here,” my reply was, “Then come take over”… “Then come show us what You’ve got”…”Then come weigh in on this church.” 

Once Moses knew God was going to go with them, then he knew everything was going to be okay. When it comes to this great church, everything is going to be okay. Why? Because God is always with us! His presence is with us and “He feels welcome here.” Where the presence of the Lord is, there is freedom! (2 Corinthians 3:17)



Our Medical Missions team returned from Managua, Nicaragua on Sunday and had such an amazing time. On this Medical Mission Trip, through the ministry of "Savior’s Tears,” we were able to medically meet the needs of the people in Managua by not only providing medical attention, but we were also able to help with other needs such as clothing, food, spiritual support, and prayer. The Team met over 1500 patients which included adults, teenagers, and kids. They gave out over 4800 prescriptions, 484 labs were given, 557 pairs of glasses, 94 salvations, 43 were rededicated, and a total of 874 people prayed for!



Thank you for your continued love, support, and commitment to this great church! But we are nowhere near finished… we are just getting started. There is work to be done, there are lives to be touched, people to be saved, and Victory Church will move forward to do just that. As we get closer to closing out this year and moving towards 2016, I can feel a powerful stirring in my heart. I feel strongly that 2016 is going to be a year of blessing in both our personal lives, as well as the life of this church!