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Dear Victory Family,

I absolutely loved this past Sunday.  There was such an incredible presence and atmosphere, and every week I feel more and more energy and anticipation for what God is doing in this house!  If you missed it, we started our new series, “The Table.”  The foundational scripture for this series is Psalm 23:5, which states, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” You can watch Sunday’s message by clicking below:

I began the series with the story of Mephibosheth from 2 Samuel 9:1-13.  Here is a man who was lame in both feet, but yet was given a royal position at the King’s table.  Just like each of us, we are crippled in some way, whether through shame, insecurity, guilt, addictions, strongholds, etc. However, no matter what our crippled condition is, because of the cross, we are invited to come and dine at the Master’s Table and wear a robe of Righteousness.  We have a covenant that even in our “crippleness,” we are called, and He carries us to His table. 

We also want to equip and empower you to help in your area of “crippleness.”  At the OKC Campus, we have a ministry called Freedom Ministries that meets Sunday evenings at 5pm.  This ministry has groups that not only provide support, but also paths to freedom from things such as regret, fear, depression, and addictions. I want to strongly encourage you, that if you or someone you know is needing help in these or other areas, to visit our Small Group Kiosk for more information about Freedom Ministries, and to get signed up.

This upcoming Sunday, I’ll be sharing about The Power of Invitation.  This will be a life giving, encouraging message that you will not want to miss!  

Also, please remember to pick up a few Christmas gifts for our Toy Drive and drop them off at the Christmas table in the Main Lobby We have a list of specific needs below!  Please help us ensure that kids have a great Christmas this season!

  • Ages 0-4: Boys-56 gifts needed; Girls-47 gifts needed; Unisex-13 gifts needed
  • Ages 5-7: Boys-37 gifts needed; Girls-45 gifts needed; Unisex- 8 gifts needed
  • Ages 8-12: Boys-84 gifts needed; Girls-73 gifts needed; Unisex- 6 gifts needed

The staff and I are praying for a safe and happy Christmas season for you and your family.  It is an honor to serve alongside you.