Youth Equip Starts This Sunday!

March 21, 2018

For the next seven Sundays March 25-May 6, we'll be doing an equip class for students called Can I Ask That? 8 Hard Questions About God & Faith. All students are welcome!

The class will be in room 27, across from the VSM Auditorium, during the 11am Experience.

Below is some additional info on what we'll be covering, hope to see your student there!

Ever had a question about God that you were scared to ask? Ever felt like your hard questions get squashed, silenced, or brushed aside? We get that. We wrote this guide for people like you. And we have good news. First, other teenagers and adults ask these kinds of questions all the time. Second, it’s not only okay to ask hard questions, but it’s actually important-some say essential-for your faith journey. And finally, God can handle it. God isn’t anxious about your questions, struggles, or doubts. We don’t think you should be either. Designed for use in small groups alongside the Can I Ask That Leader Guide, these eight sessions tackle the following tough questions: What is the Bible, anyway? Why does the Bible contradict itself? Can I be a Christian and believe in evolution? Does God discriminate against women? Is Jesus really the only way to God? What does the Bible say about being gay? Does God endorse violence? And, How can I follow a God who would let Christians do such bad things? Whether you’ve never asked these questions before or you’ve been aching for the chance, this guide is meant to be a starting point for each conversation. Ready? Go ahead. You can ask that.

Oklahoma City