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We're so excited about the incredible opportunity that camp gives our students to Live in His Presence, and Be Transformed by community. Here is some more information!

Dates: June 19-23

Cost: Other Important Dates

Location: Sparks Camp, 347489 E. 990 Rd., Sparks, OK 74869

Where To Register: Wednesday Nights, after service at Youth Auditorium


Other Important Dates: 

2/8 Forms Handed Out - We'll be giving out camp registration forms.

2/15 Receiving Forms/Deposits - We'll be taking camp forms + $40 Deposit + Copy of insurance card.

3/8 Deposit Due - $40 non-refundable deposit due on March 8. This is a hard deadline, and determines the amount of spots we buy from the camp.

3/18 Camp Fundraiser - On Saturday, March 18, we'll be doing a family dinner & movie. Students can sell tickets (available tonight at camp info table) and earn money towards camp. For every $8 adult ticket that they sell, they will earn $5, and every $5 child ticket they sell, $4 will go to their camp.

4/29 TENTATIVE Date for additional fundraiser

6/7 Full Camp Amount Due - $189 due (minus deposits or other payments already made). $189 includes our transportation and miscellaneous costs + the camp's fee

6/19-6/23 Camp!!! - Depart early Monday, return mid-afternoon Friday.

Email for more information