Contact Us

  • Victory OKC (map)
  • 4300 N MacArthur Blvd
  • Warr Acres, OK 73122
  • USA

February 13th at 10am, We will meet in the Main Auditorium.
It is going to be a day filled with us spreading the Love of Christ,
through different random acts of kindness, throughout our city.

Examples of what we are planning to do:

  • Laundromat: Go to a couple of laundromats and give out tide pods and quarters for washing.
  • Downtown: Go downtown and hand out free care packs and socks to the homeless community
  • Bus Station: We are going to hit some of the busiest bus stops in town and  pay for peoples’ bus fares.
  • Encouragement Packages: We also got a connection to an all women's shelter and we are going to write cards of encouragement and bless them with flowers and a little candy.
  • Grocery Store: We are also looking to going to Aldi and putting the quarters in for the carts, then help them load their groceries and we will also pay for a few random peoples’ grocery bill.