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Types of classes

Types of classes

101 – Spiritual Foundations

(basic understanding of the concepts of God)

201 – Spiritual Application

(basic Christian truths)

301 – Spiritual Discovery

(taking personal responsibility for continued growth)

401 – Spiritual Leadership

(learning to influence others for Christ)


Equip Classes

Equip Classes

Next Step

For New Believers within the last 12 months, this class will have an open environment to ask questions about your new journey with Jesus. It will help you grow in your personal relationship with Him, as well as explain what it looks like to truly live a Christian life.

Room 18


101 - Freedom Class (Grief Share)

Those who have experienced loss in their lives know it can be devastating on many levels. We want you to know you can heal from this loss. Don’t take this journey alone. Join Grief Share and let us walk alongside you through the healing process. 

Video-based curriculum with workbook and discussion.


Room 25


201 - Perfect Lies

This class will help you understand the difference between those who delight in, and those who despair over, their lives. I would argue it is not our circumstances. The truth of the matter is, the world in which we live – the world we can see, hear, touch, taste, and feel – is not the only world we experience. Our reality is actually created and orchestrated by our thoughts. 

Room 23


201 - Marriage on the Rock

There’s good news: You have a 100% chance of succeeding in marriage! Based on the book by Pastor Jimmy Evans, author and founder of Marriage on the Rock, Pastor Evans will take more than two decades of marriage counseling and ministry and help couples learn how to both prepare for, and strengthen their marriage foundation. The honeymoon doesn’t have to be over; you can discover God’s design for your dream marriage!

Room 21


201 - Living on Mission

The scriptures challenge us to move beyond ourselves, while culture causes us to focus on ourselves. There is more to this Christian life than what we see in our own personal circles. Living everyday life “on mission” is where our journey with Christ gets the most exciting. Join us in this class as we journey together and develop a personal strategy for how we can serve hurting people all around us every day, and live life “on mission.”

Room 27


301 - God's Answers for Your Financial Freedom

(Crown Financial Stewardship)

Do you see your money (God’s money) through His eyes? This class will help you develop the right attitudes toward money and possessions, along with making confident financial decisions and understanding God’s part verses your part.

In addition to healthy attitudes, you can develop a proper spending plan, as well as implementing a plan to eliminate the debt cycle in which so many find themselves stuck in.

Room 26


301 - The New Testament Explained

How well do you understand the New Testament?  Do you know how many books it contains? Who wrote them, and how they apply to your life? This course is designed to help the hungry student grasp the basics of the New Testament writings.
In this class you will learn the theme of each book, who wrote it, and when it was written.  You will also learn the history behind each book, as well as how the books interact with each other.  The student will also receive a wealth of weekly hand-outs as a part of the class.
This course is a fitting class for the new believer, as well as those simply wanting a refreshing look at the New Testament.

Room 22



Map of Classrooms

Class locations are subject to change, based on registration.


Online (Right Now Media)

Online (Right Now Media)

The Treasure Principle

Most people can significantly give to the Kingdom of God, but they don't know how or haven't been taught the awesome eternal benefits of sowing into God's work on Earth. Author Randy Alcorn calls it a hidden treasure, and we all must learn this life-changing principle to find that hidden treasure.

The Treasure Principle Workshop, the first study in Crown's new “Workshop in a Box” series, teaches the joy of giving. Some Bible studies use guilt as a motivation for giving; this one doesn't. In a dramatic teaching style, this video workshop literally inspires those who watch to learn the principles of giving in a way that causes lasting change.

Self-Study on Right Now Media


The Book of Jonah

At the end of the day, God is less concerned with what we do for Him than who we are in Him. Few figures illustrate that truth better than Jonah. Focused on the prophet rather than his prophecy, the story of Jonah gives us a picture of a man on the run due to his own selfish desires. Instead of showing mercy to his enemies, he determined to keep God's grace to himself rather than share it with those he considered undeserving. Can you relate?

Over the course of 8 verse-by-verse sessions, pastor and author Eric Mason expands our vision to see that Jonah's story is our own. Far more than a thrilling Sunday school adventure, it offers a profound glimpse into the conflict that occurs when God calls resistant believers to His mission. More importantly, it underscores the depths of His compassion not only in redeeming the lost, but redeeming those He has called to participate in His reconciling work. 

So climb aboard and settle in as Eric reveals how God uses extraordinary circumstances to break our hearts of selfishness, convince us of His tender care, and unite our lives to His glory.

Self-Study on Right Now Media


Living Life Together

Do you stay busy to avoid deep connections? Do you resist community for fear of being judged? Do you need to reconcile a relationship? 

There are messy parts in all of our lives that we would rather not reveal—like strained relationships, sinking finances, and cluttered living rooms. We keep the doors of our hearts and homes closed for fear of being exposed. But what if we invited others in and experienced the beautiful acceptance and deep connection of Christian community?

Author and speaker Shauna Niequist is passionate about living life in community. In four intimate sessions, she walks through Scripture, challenging women to step out of isolation and fear and pursue relationships rooted in rest, grace, and reconciliation. As you learn the benefits of living an authentic life with others in Christ and watch real-life stories of women who have experienced freedom in meaningful community, you will discover why God designed and delights in relationships. 

Self-Study on Right Now Media